Subhayan Sen

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This paper introduces a Cellular Automata (CA) based symmetric key cryptosystem for block cipher. The scheme named as CAC (Cellular Automata based Cryptosystem) employs a series of transforms – simple, moderately complex, and complex – all generated with different classes of CA. CAC provides a low cost, high speed cryptosystem with desired level of(More)
We report the efficient design of pseudo-random pattern generator (PRPG) with linear time complexity. The PRPG is developed around the regular structure of nonlinear cellular automata (CA). The application of proposed PRPG is demonstrated in designing on-chip test pattern generator (TPG) for VLSI circuits. The quality of the TPG is as good as that designed(More)
Sir?I have gone through the able article on ' Chronic ulcerative colitis' by Colonel Chopra and Dr. Roy published in the Indian Medical Gazette of February 1939 with , interest. I agree with all that has been stated therein. But I miss very much the mention in it of ' Bale' fruits as an adjunct to treatment although ' Isabgul' has justifiably been(More)
A new cavity perturbation technique is presented for microwave measurement of dielectric constant, which uses a modified cylindrical reentrant cavity. Though suitable for only low dielectric constants, the method has the advantages, (a) sample area does not appear in the calculations, (b) only the ratio of frequency shifts due to two samples of same area(More)