Subhayan Roy Moulick

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We study the nature of entanglement in presence of Deutschian closed timelike curves (D-CTCs) and open timelike curves (OTCs) and find that existence of such physical systems in nature would allow us to increase entanglement using local operations and classical communication (LOCC). This is otherwise in direct contradiction with the fundamental definition(More)
Digital Signatures are one of the most prominent applications of (public key) cryptography. They ensure integrity and authenticity in digital communications (in public channels). One of the most commonly used applications of digital signatures are for issuing digital certificates, particularly in the internet. When a web browser visits a (secure) website,(More)
A semi-blind watermarking scheme is presented based on Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), which makes essential use of the fact that, the SVD subspace preserves significant amount of information of an image and is a one way decomposition. The principal components are used, along with the corresponding singular vectors of the watermark image to watermark(More)
After this column I am resigning as SIGACT News Book Review Editor. I’ve been editing this column for 17 years which is longer than anyone should have a job of this type. I have enjoyed editing this column and reviewing books. I have enjoyed getting to know publishers and authors and reviewers. I have enjoyed getting books in the mail that I want to read. I(More)
We study controlled quantum secure direct communication (CQSDC), a cryptographic scheme where a sender can send a secret bit-string to an intended recipient, without any secure classical channel, who can obtain the complete bit-string only with the permission of a controller. We report an efficient protocol to realize CQSDC using Cluster state and then go(More)
There are a number of books out there being reviewed as I write this, but I would love to recruit more reviewers and get more reviews into these columns. The rewards include reading about something (at least in part) new, a published review on these esteemed pages. . . and, of course, a free book. If you’re interested in any of the titles on the following(More)
Cryptography, or more generally cryptology, deals with the study of secrets. The most common form of cryptography is seen as establishing secure communications and verifying authentication. However, modern cryptography is not limited to just establishing secure communication channels, but extends to understanding hard computational problems, to designing(More)
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