Subhasmita Sahoo

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This paper presents a new technique for glottal inverse filtering using a distributed model of the vocal tract. A discrete state space model has been constructed for the speech production system by combining the concatenated tube model of the vocal tract and Liljencrants--Fant (LF) model of the glottal flow derivative waveform. An adaptive system(More)
Emotions are broad aspects and expressed in a similar way by every human being; however, these are affected by culture. This creates a major threat to the universality of speech emotion detection system. Cultural behaviour of society affects the way emotions are expressed and perceived. Hence, an emotion recognition system customized for languages within a(More)
Speech-based emotion recognition is one of the latest challenges in speech processing. The algorithms are developed using floating-point arithmetic because of its wide dynamic range and constant relative accuracy. However, they are finally implemented in hand held devices which are required to consume less power, time and have a lower market price.(More)
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