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In a deregulated electricity market, when congestion occurs in a transmission line it violates system security and increase system cost. Transmission lines congestion is one of the technical problems which appear particularly in the deregulated environment. In a deregulated era, one of the important tasks of ISO is congestion free power system. Generator(More)
Computation of load flows is the most fundamental power system operation and planning problem. In large power system, nodal voltage method of network solution using admittance matrix is preferred. In order to study its parallel algorithms, which improve operation efficiency, enhancement of real-time control and timely decision support, an improved load flow(More)
In a deregulated electricity market, transmission congestion results in break system security and increase system cost. Congestion in the transmission lines is one of the technical problems that appear particularly in the deregulated environment. One of the important tasks of Independent System Operator (ISO) is congestion free power system in a deregulated(More)
Power system congestion is a major problem for independent system operator (ISO) in a deregulated environment as it violates system security and cost. So it is an important task for ISO to maintain congestion free power system. In this paper generator rescheduling technique has been adopted with incorporation of wind farm in the system. Present work is(More)
Deregulation of power system brought huge competition among the sellers and buyers of electricity market where all the parties try to gain their profit, hence it is quite important for grid or independent system operator (ISO) to maintain smooth flow of electric power without violating its security level and satisfies customers with reasonable cost. Power(More)
Deregulation of electric power system has brought complexity in the system, competition among the electricity sellers and buyers which further creates overloading in transmission lines. Congestion occurs when undesirable transaction occurs through transmission lines during the transportation of electricity from generation to load centre. It is the duty of(More)
In power system operation, congestion management has become more complicated with the increase of system complexity in deregulated environment. That is why, in present scenario of power system congestion management is a complex task of an independent system operator (ISO). In this paper, generator rescheduling is used as a congestion management technique. A(More)
Electrical distribution system is the final stage in the supply of electric energy to consumers. A serious problem faced in power distribution today is due to the major losses accompanying electricity distribution. As a result utilities in the power sector are currently focusing on its reduction in order to be more competitive, since the electricity prices(More)
This paper proposes a novel congestion management strategy by generator rescheduling in a deregulated electricity market. With growing electricity demands, power system is reaching towards its security limits where transmission lines play one of the vital rules in the system. Occurrence of transmission congestion can be avoided by one of the renowned(More)
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