Subhasis Sarkar

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PURPOSE Polyethylene succinate (PES) is a biodegradable synthetic polymer and therefore widely used as a base material in plastic industry to circumvent the environmental problems related with the non-biodegradability of other polymers like polyethylene. Till date only few organisms have been reported to have the ability to degrade PES. Therefore for better(More)
Biofilms contain group(s) of microorganisms that are found to be associated with the biotic and abiotic surfaces. Biofilms contain either homogenous or heterogeneous populations of bacteria which remain in the matrix made up of extracellular polymeric substances secreted by constituent population of the biofilm. Biofilms can be either single or(More)
Siderophores are small organic molecules produced by microorganisms under iron-limiting conditions which enhance the uptake of iron to the microorganisms. In environment, the ferric form of iron is insoluble and inaccessible at physiological pH (7.35-7.40). Under this condition, microorganisms synthesize siderophores which have high affinity for ferric(More)
East Kolkata Wetland (EKW), a Ramsar site, greatly contributes towards purification of city sewage employing single pond system. However, the underlying mechanism remains unknown. Therefore to gain an insight, in this study efforts have been made to understand the rate of biodegradation and the time dependent changes of different physicochemical factors and(More)
At East Kolkata Wetlands, though the domestic city sewage is purified very rapidly, the mechanisms of treatment remains inadequately explored. In this context, the present study investigated nitrogen dynamics of the single pond treatment systems during purification and explored its potential role in sewage treatment. For this purpose the concentrations of(More)
Aging aircraft can be effectively managed by a combination of deterministic and probabilistic metrics. The deterministic metric provides a damage index for each aircraft relative to the full-scale test. This indexing method based on crack initiation or crack growth, may not be singly sufficient to support fleet management decisions at a time when the fleet(More)
In the present study, a general probabilistic design framework is developed for cyclic fatigue life prediction of metallic hardware using methods that address uncertainty in experimental data and computational model. The methodology involves (i) utilization of fatigue tests data conducted on coupons of Ti6Al4V material (ii) continuum damage mechanics based(More)
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