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Thermodynamics and kinetics of hydrogen/deuterium absorption–desorption in Pd0.77Ag0.23 alloy
Abstract Pd0.77Ag0.23 alloy foil of thickness ∼100 μm was prepared by arc melting followed by cold rolling and annealing. The X-ray diffraction pattern confirmed the formation of solid solution phaseExpand
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Catalytic Pd0.77Ag0.23 alloy membrane reactor for high temperature water-gas shift reaction: Methane suppression
Abstract A catalytic membrane reactor was constructed using inner coated Pd0.77Ag0.23 (mass fraction) alloy membrane on Al2O3 hollow fiber substrate, prepared by electroless plating method and packedExpand
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Synthesis, characterization and hydrogen isotope storage properties of Zr–Ti–Co ternary alloys
Abstract In this study, an attempt has been made to improve the storage properties of ZrCo based alloy, which is being considered as an important material for storage of hydrogen isotopes in theExpand
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Ultra-thin (∼1 μm) Pd–Cu membrane reactor for coupling CO2 hydrogenation and propane dehydrogenation applications
Abstract Coupling of dehydrogenation reactions (propane dehydrogenation) and CO2 hydrogenation reactions in a membrane reactor has synergetic effect on the overall performance of the reactor. In thisExpand
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Hydrogen Isotope Effect on Thermodynamic and Kinetics of Hydrogen/Deuterium Absorption–Desorption in Pd0.77Ag0.10Cu0.13 Alloy
The hydrogen isotope effect on the thermodynamic and kinetics of hydrogen/deuterium absorption–desorption in a single-phase ternary alloy Pd0.77Ag0.10Cu0.13 having fcc crystal structure wasExpand
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Cobalt‐Based Catalyst Supported on Different Morphologies of Alumina for Non‐oxidative Propane Dehydrogenation: Effect of Metal Support Interaction and Lewis Acidic Sites
Developing an economically viable and eco‐friendly catalyst is essential for the dehydrogenation reaction. In this context, cobalt‐based catalysts supported on different morphologies of γ‐Al2O3,Expand
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Coupling CO2 separation with catalytic reverse water-gas shift reaction via ceramic-carbonate dual-phase membrane reactor
Abstract Coupling of CO 2 separation and CO 2 utilization in membrane reactor is an ideal way to solve CO 2 emission problem. In this study, we report an effective catalytic reverse water-gas shiftExpand
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X-ray diffraction study of thermal parameters of Pd, Pd–Ag and Pd–Ag–Cu alloys as hydrogen purification membrane materials
Abstract High temperature X-ray diffraction measurements were carried out for pure palladium and palladium-rich alloys of compositions Pd0.77Ag0.23 and Pd0.77Ag0.10Cu0.13 in the temperature range ofExpand
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Hydrogen isotope effect on thermodynamic properties of Pd0.9X0.1 (X = Cu, Ag and Au) alloys
Abstract The effect of hydrogen isotopes on the thermodynamic parameters of desorption reaction in the Pd 0.9 X 0.1 -H 2 /D 2 systems (X = Cu, Ag and Au) were investigated using Sieverts' apparatus.Expand
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A review of recent catalyst advances in CO2 methanation processes
Abstract This review focuses on various catalytic CO2 hydrogenation approaches for converting CO2 to fuels such as CH4. The catalytic CO2 methanation using thermal, catalytic-membrane, photo andExpand
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