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Enhydra fluctuans (Compositae), an edible semi aquatic herbaceous vegetable plant, widely used in traditional system of Indian medicine. Total flavonoids of E. fluctuans (TFEF) were screened for analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity. Analgesic activity was studied in acetic acid induced writhing response and by hot plate method in Swiss albino mice.(More)
Nano-liposomes are the newly developed delivery systems for cancer therapy that are finding a position particularly suitable as peptide and protein carriers. These are three-layered self-assembled structures with nanoparticulate carrier systems. The overall pharmacological properties of commonly used protein and peptide in cancer therapy can be improved by(More)
A series of 4-substituted 3,4-dihydropyrimidine-2-ones (DHPM) was synthesized, characterized by IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and HRMS spectra. The compounds were evaluated in vitro for their antiviral activity against a broad range of DNA and RNA viruses, along with assessment for potential cytotoxicity in diverse mammalian cell lines. Compound 4m, which possesses a(More)
Protective effects of capsaicin (CAP) loaded nano-emulsomes (EML) was evaluated against the oxidative stress of rat livers induced through sodium fluoride (NaF). EML was prepared by thin film hydration method that is development of thin lipid film followed by hydration and sonication. EML was characterized by Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy(More)
In the present scenario, gene prediction methods use only one model to represent protein-coding regions in a genome, and so the chances of predicting the location of genes that have a typical sequence composition is rare. It is predicted that future improvements in gene finding will be based on various methods of development that can adequately deal with(More)
The intention of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of nanocapsulated food constituent capsaicin in protection of liver oxidative stress. We had prepared phospholipid vesicle (nanoliposome) by formation of thin lipid film followed by hydration when the mean vesicle diameter was found to be 277.7nm. Protection from sodium fluoride (NaF) induced(More)
Cancer is the major cause of fatality and the number of new cases is increasing incessantly. Conventional therapies and existing anticancer agents cause serious side effects and expand the patient's lifespan by a few years. There is the need to exploit alternative anticancer agents and novel drug delivery system to deliver these agents to the tumor site for(More)
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