Subhashree Rangarajan

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We are targeting molecules to the RNA/DNA heteroduplex that forms during the enzyme telomerase's catalytic cycle. Telomerase is a potential universal anti-cancer target that we have previously shown can be inhibited by molecules that target this heteroduplex. The aim of this work was to make derivatives of our lead, ethidium, that would allow its(More)
Anthrax is an infectious disease caused by Bacillus anthracis, a Gram-positive, rod-shaped, anaerobic bacterium. The lethal factor (LF) enzyme is secreted by B. anthracis as part of a tripartite exotoxin and is chiefly responsible for anthrax-related cytotoxicity. As LF can remain in the system long after antibiotics have eradicated B. anthracis from the(More)
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