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Now a days with the rapid development of multimedia technologies, research on safety and security are becoming more important. Multimedia data are generated and transmitted through the communication channels and the wireless media. The efficiencies of encryption based on different existing algorithms are not up to the satisfactory limit. Hence researchers(More)
Hardware and timing complexities are the major issues in current security related algorithms. Some of them shows better efficiency with respect to time and some of them reduce hardware complexities. Researchers try to solve both the problem at the same time in an efficient way. There are different existing algorithms which prove this efficiency. Here we(More)
Computational complexities of different Algorithms to enhance the speed of response of digital signal processor and different cryptographic analysis are the important issues for the current researcher. Computational complexities means hardware complexities and timing complexities. Both the complexities depend on the design of the software and hardware.(More)
We introduce here a generalized method a new Algorithm to find Triple-Base number system and Triple-Base chain and hence in turn Single Digit Triple-Base number system(SDTBNS). The proposed method is not only simpler and faster than the Algorithms to find Double-Base number system or Double-Base chain, experimentally it also returns a shorter length of(More)
Hardware and timing complexities of MAC unit to perform arithmetic operation like addition or multiplication especially in the field of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) or Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) are the major issues to the designer. The multiplication operation is essential and abundant in DSP Applications. In order to achieve maximum(More)
In this paper, a new number system "Single Digit Triple Base Number System (SDTBNS)" using 2, 3 and 5 as the bases have been introduced. Advantages of SDTBNS over Single Digit Double Base Number System (SDDBNS) have been discussed here. Dynamic range of the numbers represented in SDTBNS has also been dealt with in details. Analysis on complexity(More)
Algebraic complexity of different Algorithms in Signal Processing and Cryptography leads to a major problem and Researchers are trying to develop new Algorithms to solve these problems. To enhance the speed of the existing Algorithms, different number system have been found for point multiplication in elliptic curve cryptography and coefficient(More)
Multiplication and addition are the basic arithmetic operation used in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for coefficient multiplication, scalar point multiplication in Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and in other fields. Multiplications are basically a shift and add operation. However, there are many different variations on how to do it. Some are more(More)
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