Subhash Sadhu Deokule

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Gymnema sylvestre (Retz.) R. Br. ex Sm., a rich source with gymnemic acid, has been used to treat diabetes since past 2000 years. In the current investigation, nomenclature, geographical distribution as well as morphological and genetic diversity of 22 G. sylvestre populations spread across of Western Ghats of Maharashtra has been reported. The genetic(More)
In the developing countries of tropical regions, mycotic infections are common cause of skin diseases.The use of medicinal plants in the treatment of skin diseases including mycotic infections is an age-old practice in many parts of the world. The drugs used against dermatophytosis have several side effects, but limited efficacy. There is therefore a(More)
WAGATEA SPICATA DALZELL, FAMILY : Leguminosae (Caesalpiniaceae) known in vernacular as 'Vagati" or "Vakeri", is a montotypic genus of a robust woody, climbing shrub growing abundantly in Maharashtra State, especially in Konkan jungles and on the Ghats near Mahabaleshwar. The roots are known to be used in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and pneumonia(More)
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