Subhash M. Agarwal

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Plant-derived molecules have been highly valued by biomedical researchers and pharmaceutical companies for developing drugs, as they are thought to be optimized during evolution. Therefore, we have collected and compiled a central resource Naturally Occurring Plant-based Anti-cancer Compound-Activity-Target database (NPACT,(More)
The Cervical Cancer gene DataBase (CCDB, is a manually curated catalog of experimentally validated genes that are thought, or are known to be involved in the different stages of cervical carcinogenesis. In spite of the large women population that is presently affected from this malignancy still at present, no database(More)
The availability of the complete genome sequences of Homo sapiens together with those of taxonomically diverse organisms provides an opportunity to carry out cross-species comparison. Comparisons of protein sequences from different organisms are significant source of information as these could help in answering questions regarding the fraction of proteins(More)
We construct a stress p53-Mdm2-p300-HDAC1 regulatory network that is activated and stabilised by two regulatory proteins, p300 and HDAC1. Different activation levels of [Formula: see text] observed due to these regulators during stress condition have been investigated using a deterministic as well as a stochastic approach to understand how the cell responds(More)
Nucleotide composition, codon usage and amino acid content are important molecular signatures that vary in different groups of organisms. AT-rich (or GC poor) hyperthermophiles have relatively been unexplored in these aspects. In this study, we have examined the compositional characteristics of AT rich genomes viz. Methanococcus jannaschii, Sulfolobus(More)
Repeated treatment of Entamoeba histolytica infection with commonly used antiamoebic drugs results in not only increasing the toxicity potential but also leads to the development of clinical resistance. Thus new effective agents with less toxicity against amoebiasis are urgently required. With this view, metronidazole thiosemicarbazone analogues 1-11 were(More)
The present study examines 783 human-mouse orthologous gene pairs for their pattern of sequence evolution, contrasting mammalia, eukaryota, coelomata, and bilateria specific human intronless genes. Such comparisons may be of use in understanding the general evolution of human genome. Evolutionary rate analyses indicate that mammalia specific human(More)
The integration of calcium and a p53-Mdm2 oscillator model is studied using a deterministic as well as a stochastic approach, to investigate the impact of a calcium wave on single cell dynamics and on the inter-oscillator interaction. The high dose of calcium in the system activates the nitric oxide synthase, synthesizing nitric oxide which then(More)
Overexpression of EGFR is responsible for causing a number of cancers, including lung cancer as it activates various downstream signaling pathways. Thus, it is important to control EGFR function in order to treat the cancer patients. It is well established that inhibiting ATP binding within the EGFR kinase domain regulates its function. The existing(More)
BACKGROUND Aberrant activity of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) family proteins has been found to be associated with a number of human cancers including that of lung and breast. Consequently, the search for EGFR family inhibitors, a well established target of pharmacological and therapeutic value has been ongoing. Therefore, over the years several(More)