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The Today Contraceptive Sponge was evaluated as a vehicle for the delivery of aryl 4-guanidinobenzoates (AGs) which are highly active sperm acrosin inhibitors. Studies in animals have shown that several AGs are more potent vaginal contraceptives and less irritating to the vagina than nonoxynol-9 (N-9), the most frequently used active ingredient in(More)
A high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) procedure was developed for the determination of metaraminol bitartrate in the presence of methylparaben and propylparaben. Reversed-phase ion-pair chromatography was employed using dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate as the counterion. The current official USP procedure for the determination of metaraminol(More)
Dantrolene sodium can be determined in plasma and urine samples by high-pressure liquid chromatography without interference from its two major metabolites, the hydroxy and acetamido compounds. The minimum detectability of the drug using this procedure is 8 ng. The complete assay including extraction, evaporation, and separation steps can be performed in(More)
Parameters are described for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of a mixture of isoniazid and its acetyl derivative. The compounds are chromatographed on an octadecylsilane column, using absolute methanol-distilled water (60:40) at pH 2.5 containing 0.01 M dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate. The flow rate was 2.0 ml/min (2500 psig). The separation and(More)
Operating conditions are described for the qualitative and quantitative determination of dantrolene sodium by high-pressure liquid chromatography. A 10-mum porous silica column was employed, using carbon tetrachloride-dimethylformamide (90:10) as the mobile phase. The flow rate was 2.0 ml/min (1800 psig), and the peaks were detected at 375 nm. The analysis(More)
INTRODUCTION With many effective anti-aging solutions for the face, consumer focus is now turning to other parts of the body including the delicate skin on the neck. This study investigates the effect of a new neck cream on the appearance of texture, fine lines and wrinkles, laxity, and hydration. METHODS 85 adult females ages 35-65 with Fitzpatrick skin(More)
A new high-performance liquid chromatographic technique has been developed to quantitate nonoxynol-9 in serum, urine, and vaginal fluid. The method is rapid, involves minimal sample preparation, and can be used to analyze a large number of biological fluid samples. The assay elutes a single nonoxynol-9 peak with no interfering components. This was(More)
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