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Kak, S., New algorithms for training feedforward neural networks, Pattern Recognition Letters 15 (1994) 295298. A new network that maps n-dimensional binary vectors into m-dimensional binary vectors using 3-layered feedforward neural networks is described. Algorithms to train this network are presented. The computing power of the new algorithms may be(More)
We present a three-stage quantum cryptographic protocol based on public key cryptography in which each party uses its own secret key. Unlike the BB84 protocol, where the qubits are transmitted in only one direction and classical information exchanged thereafter, the communication in the proposed protocol remains quantum in each stage. A related system of(More)
In 2011, Parakh and Kak proposed a space efficient secret sharing for implicit data security using repeated polynomial interpolation. (Information sciences, vol. 181, 2011, pp.335-341.) However, we found that their scheme cannot provide verification, which is very important in secret sharing. Moreover, we present a novel space efficient secret sharing for(More)
Social media comprises interactive applications and platforms for creating, sharing and exchange of user-generated contents. The past ten years have brought huge growth in social media, especially online social networking services, and it is changing our ways to organize and communicate. It aggregates opinions and feelings of diverse groups of people at low(More)