Subhash C. Kak

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It is advantageous to use implicit security for online data storage in a cloud computing environment. We describe the use of a data partitioning scheme for implementing such security involving the roots of a polynomial in finite field. The partitions are stored on randomly chosen servers on the network and they need to be retrieved to recreate the original(More)
This paper presents several new properties of D sequences that have applications to encryption and error coding. It also considers the problem of joint encryption and errorcorrection coding and proposes a solution using D sequences. The encryption operation considered is equivalent to exponentiation, which forms the basis of several public-key schemes. An(More)
We present a three-stage quantum cryptographic protocol based on public key cryptography in which each party uses its own secret key. Unlike the BB84 protocol, where the qubits are transmitted in only one direction and classical information exchanged thereafter, the communication in the proposed protocol remains quantum in each stage. A related system of(More)
Social media comprises interactive applications and platforms for creating, sharing and exchange of user-generated contents. The past ten years have brought huge growth in social media, especially online social networking services, and it is changing our ways to organize and communicate. It aggregates opinions and feelings of diverse groups of people at low(More)