Subhash Bhalla

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Pattern based design is an effective way to avoid an expensive process of reinventing, rediscovering and revalidating agnostic software artifacts. The Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) leverages the reusability factor of an application by applying decoupling and location transparency in the communication of the disparate applications and services.(More)
Different clinics and hospitals have their own information systems to maintain patient data. This hinders the exchange of data among systems (and organizations). Hence there is a need to provide standards for data exchange. In digitized form, the individual patient's medical record can be stored, retrieved, and shared over a network through enhancement in(More)
The distributed locking based approaches to concurrency control in a distributed database system, are prone to occurrence of deadlocks. An algorithm for deadlock prevention has been considered in this proposal. In this algorithm, a transaction is executed by forming wait for relations with other conflicting transactions. The technique for generation of this(More)
Distributed locking is commonly adopted for performing concurrency control in distributed systems. It incorporates additional steps for handling deadlocks. This activity is carried out by methods based on wait-for-graphs or probes. The present study examines detection of conflicts based on enhanced local processing for distributed concurrency control. In(More)
Iriformation Requirement Elicitation (IRE) is essential in wireless web service to elicit iriformation requirements through interactive choice prompts. This paper presents a case study for the design ofa high-level user interface as a component for an IRE-enabled information system, in the context of database queries by a mobile web user. The prototype is(More)
In addition to using the many conventional approaches for making recommendation systems, this paper proposes a complementary recommendation methodology. It is focused on book recommendation. It proposes to make a comprehensive data repository of existing books, available at the level of the user (in a library or a personal bookshelf). Further, by retrieving(More)
In contrast to a single doctor-patient relationship, there are several departments in a hospital. Thus health data may be scattered and can be termed as islands of information. Electronic health records (EHRs) can make healthcare organizations operate more efficiently. These will help in reducing medical errors, and improving health care, in general. The(More)