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The traditional distributed model of autonomous, homogeneous , mobile point robots usually assumes that the robots do not create any visual obstruction for the other robots, i.e., the robots are see through. In this paper, we consider a slightly more realistic model, by incorporating the notion of obstructed visibility (i.e., robots are not see through) for(More)
This paper proposes a strategy for a group of deaf and dumb robots, carrying clocks from different countries, to meet at a geographical location which is not fixed in advanced. The robots act independently. They can observe others, compute some locations and walk towards those locations. They can only get a snapshot of the locations of other robots but can(More)
This paper addresses the Gathering problem which asks robots to gather at a single point which is not fixed in advance, for a set of small, autonomous, mobile robots. The problem is studied for a set of semi-synchronous robots under SSY NC model when the robots may become faulty (crash fault). Depending upon the capabilities of the robots, the algorithms(More)
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