Subhas C. Gupta

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BACKGROUND Lip augmentations are commonly performed procedures in the United States, with annual numbers surpassing 100 000. While lips contribute to facial beauty, the relative influence of this feature to whole facial appeal has not yet been established. What is also of increasing interest is the consideration of ethnic differences in the evaluation of(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of facial aging up to the present have largely been observational and subjective. This study applies state-of-the-art facial imaging and three-dimensional computer modelling to measure changes in the aging female face. The markers of facial aging discussed here go beyond descriptive accounts by individual practitioners and are presented(More)
carcinoma, it is standard perioperative practice for excised tissue obtained from routine reduction mammoplasty procedures to be sent for pathology review. 1 On average, an estimated 0.2–1.1% of all reduction mammoplasty specimens reviewed by pathology is diagnosed with occult malignancy. On occasion, atypical proliferative lesion of variable malignancy(More)
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