Subhas Barman

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Fingerprint matching is the main module of fingerprint-based person authentication system. Accuracy of fingerprint matching is an important objective of this type authentication system. Multiple features are used for better matching accuracy but more features add more computational complexity as well as time and space complexity. In this paper, we proposed(More)
Crypto-biometric system (CBS) is a combination of biometrie with cryptography to enhance network security. Biometrie is the most trustworthy measure to identify a person uniquely using his or her behavioral and physiological characteristics. Cryptography is an effective concern to the security of information. The security of cryptography depends on the(More)
The traditional digital data security mechanisms follow either cryptography or authentication. The primary point of contention with these mechanisms remains either memorizing or securely storing the user’s credentials. The proposed work addresses this critical issue by presenting a fingerprint biometric-based mechanism to protect users’ digitized documents.(More)
In information and communication technology, security of information is provided with cryptography. In cryptography, key management is an important part of the whole system as the security lies on secrecy of cryptographic key. Symmetric cryptography uses same key (secret key) for message encryption as well as cipher text decryption. Distribution of the(More)
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are special types of information systems managing geo-spatial data. The GIS is used to manage geo-referenced information and it represents spatial position of any location into digital map. The GIS also facilitates the user to retrieve spatial information easily using a lot of geographic functions such as data(More)
Key management is an important issue in traditional symmetric cryptography. It consists of key generation, key modification and key sharing to establish a message communication between partners. In general, a randomly generated key is shared with the counter partner by transmitting it along with the message or prior to the message communication. Maintaining(More)
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