Subhamoy Ghosh

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Currently users own and use many network-connected devices such as laptop, smart phone, or tablet. The user creates content using the default applications in these devices. One approach is to share and ubiquitously access the contents through a social media. Nevertheless, the contents residing in these devices should be available from anywhere, without any(More)
A new dicompartmental dioxime ligand (H(2)L) with m-xylyl spacer between the donor sites has been synthesised by Schiff-base condensation of α,α'-diamino-m-xylene and diacetyl monooxime. The ligand reacts with copper(ii) salts giving rise to hexanuclear tricationic copper(II) cage complexes [Cu(II)(6)(μ(3)-O···H···O-μ(3))L(3)(H(2)O)(6)]X(3) (X = BF(4), 1a;(More)
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