Subhamoy Bhattacharya

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Offshore wind turbines are considered as an important element of the future energy infrastructure. There is currently a surge in the construction of such facilities in Europe, yet there is no track record of long-term performance of these structures. Offshore wind turbines are dynamically sensitive structures because of the very nature of the structural(More)
Identification and successful deployment of efficient molecular markers can minimize ambiguity in varietal identification and registration in mung bean (Vigna radiata). Eighty accessions of mung bean having diverse origin and nature were classified based on agro-morphological traits. Using fifteen representative accessions, ten PCR-based efficient primers,(More)
The implication of molecular biology in crop improvement is now more than three decades old. Not surprisingly, technology has moved on, and there are a number of new techniques that may or may not come under the genetically modified (GM) banner and, therefore, GM regulations. In cisgenic technology, cisgenes from crossable plants are used and it is a single(More)
 Choosing appropriate foundations for supporting offshore wind turbines is one of the uncertainties in the future rounds of offshore wind power development. Offshore wind turbines are dynamically sensitive structures as the global natural frequency of the whole system is very close to the forcing frequencies (due to the environmental loads and the(More)
The screening of catalysts, substrates or conditions in the early stages of bioprocess development requires an enormous number of experiments and is a tedious, expensive and time-consuming task. Currently available screening systems can only be operated in batch or fed-batch mode, which can lead to severe misinterpretations of screening results. For(More)
ABSTRACT: The collapse of the Showa Bridge during the 1964 Niigata earthquake features in many publications as an iconic example of the detrimental effects of liquefaction. It was generally believed that lateral spreading was the cause of failure of the bridge. This hypothesis is based on the reliable eye witness that the bridge failed 1 to 2 minutes after(More)
Offshore wind turbine (OWT) foundations are subjected to a combination of cyclic and dynamic loading arising from wind, wave, rotor and blade shadowing. Under cyclic loading, most soils change their characteristics including stiffness, which may cause the system natural frequency to approach the loading frequency and lead to unplanned resonance and system(More)
The use of membrane reactors for enzymatic and co-factor regenerating reactions offers versatile advantages such as higher conversion rates and space-time-yields and is therefore often applied in industry. However, currently available screening and kinetics characterization systems are based on batch and fed-batch operated reactors and were developed for(More)
One of the greatest causes of casualties in major earthquakes around the world is the collapse of non-engineered masonry buildings (those built without engineering input). Yet by definition non-engineered structures remain largely outside of the scope of modern engineering research, meaning that the majority of those at risk often remain so. A further(More)
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