Subhajit Saha

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The present work deals with the semi-classical tunnelling approach and the Hamilton–Jacobi method to study Hawking radiation from the dynamical horizon of both the homogeneous Friedmann–Robertson–Walker (FRW) model and the inhomogeneous Lemaitre–Tolman–Bondi (LTB) model of the Universe. In the tunnelling prescription, radial null geodesics are used to(More)
The mortality rate of herpetofauna due to road accidents in one of the busiest tarmacked metalled roads of Durgapur, an industrial town of West Bengal, India was studied. Road survey for 27 days covering a total distance of 94.5 km was conducted. Within this span of time and the total stretch of road, 354 amphibians belonging to 6 species and 133 reptiles(More)
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