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The objective of the paper is to recognize handwritten samples of Roman numerals using Tesseract open source Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine. Tesseract is trained with data samples of different persons to generate one user-independent language model, representing the handwritten Roman digit-set. The system is trained with 1226 digit samples(More)
With the advancement of ubiquitous computing, new types of Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have emerged where sensors perform their tasks even as their surrounding network neighborhood changes, nodes terminate unexpectedly and signal strengths vary dynamically. In such scenarios, it is very important to use efficient service discovery algorithms adapt(More)
Ab initio computations are carried out to explore the structure and stability of FNgEF3 and FNgEF (E = Sn, Pb; Ng = Kr-Rn) compounds. They are the first reported systems to possess Ng-Sn and Ng-Pb bonds. Except for FKrEF3, the dissociations of FNgSnF3 and FNgEF, producing Ng and SnF4 or EF2, are only exergonic in nature at room temperature, whereas FNgPbF3(More)
In this paper we first show that the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) protocol (used by Wi-Fi Direct, the de facto adhoc communication mechanism for smartphones and mobile devices) is vulnerable to a brute-force or dictionary attack. To defend against these attacks, we propose the idea of using contextual information (i.e., data obtained from mobile device's(More)
A distinctive N-substituent controlled electrophilic N-transfer of oxaziridines with donor-acceptor cyclopropanes in the presence of MgI2 is reported. Contrary to earlier reports, the oxaziridine having bulkier N-substituents can also give N-transferred product instead of the O-transferred one. Interestingly, the oxaziridines having α-H containing(More)
Ruthenium(II) complexes, [Ru(dppe)(PPh3)(CH(3)CN)(2)Cl][BPh4] {dppe = diphenylphosphinoethane} (1) and [Ru(dppp)2(CH(3)CN)Cl][BPh4] (2){dppp = diphenylphosphinopropane}, are efficient catalysts for vinylation of pyrazoles by alkynes. While the 1-catalyzed reaction is trans-selective, the corresponding 2-catalyzed reaction is cis-selective. The experimental(More)
Aromaticity in novel cyclic all-pnictogen heterocyclic anions, P2N3(-) and P3N2(-), and in their heavier analogues is studied using quantum mechanical computations. All geometrical parameters from optimized geometry, bonding, electron density analysis from quantum theory of atoms in molecules, nucleus-independent chemical shift, and ring current density(More)
An Ad-hoc Mobile Cloud (AMC) is a new computing model that allows sharing computing power of multiple mobile devices. For a diverse group of individuals that employ such computing model, in an ad-hoc manner, secure peer-to-peer communication becomes very important. Using private or pairwise keys to secure such communication is preferable to public-keys(More)