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Electrochemical Stimuli-Driven Facile Metal-Free Hydrogen Evolution from Pyrene-Porphyrin-Based Crystalline Covalent Organic Framework.
It is expected that the addendum of the imine based COF would not only enrich the structural variety but also help to understand the electrochemical behavior of these class of materials. Expand
Synthesis of 2-oxindoles via 'transition-metal-free' intramolecular dehydrogenative coupling (IDC) of sp2 C–H and sp3 C–H bonds
The synthesis of a variety of 2-oxindoles bearing an all-carbon quaternary center at the pseudo benzylic position has been achieved via a ‘transition-metal-free’ intramolecular dehydrogenativeExpand
Intramolecular direct dehydrohalide coupling promoted by KO(t)Bu: total synthesis of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids anhydrolycorinone and oxoassoanine.
A transition-metal-free intramolecular dehydrohalide coupling via intramolecular homolytic aromatic substitution (HAS) with aryl radicals has been developed in the presence of potassium tert-butoxideExpand
Selected Copper-Based Reactions for C-N, C-O, C-S, and C-C Bond Formation.
The latest progress in the development of useful reaction conditions for the coupling of (hetero)aryl halides with different nucleophiles with copper-catalyzed reactions with aryl boronates and the copper-based trifluoromethylation of aromatic electrophiles is summarized. Expand
Lewis acid-catalyzed Friedel-Crafts alkylations of 3-hydroxy-2-oxindole: an efficient approach to the core structure of azonazine.
A Lewis acid catalyzed Friedel-Crafts reaction of electron rich aromatics with 3-alkyl-3-hydroxy-2-oxindole with a straightforward access to the core of azonazine sharing an all-carbon quaternary stereocenter at the tetracyclic ring junction. Expand
Intramolecular dehydrogenative coupling of sp2 C-H and sp3 C-H bonds: an expeditious route to 2-oxindoles.
An intramolecular-dehydrogenative-coupling (IDC) using "transition-metal-free" oxidation conditions has been achieved to synthesize a variety of 2-oxindoles bearing an all-carbon quaternaryExpand
DDQ-mediated direct intramolecular-dehydrogenative-coupling (IDC): expeditious approach to the tetracyclic core of ergot alkaloids.
An efficient route to 2-oxindoles bearing an all-carbon quaternary center at the pseudobenzylic position has been developed via a DDQ-mediated Intramolecular-Dehydrogenative-Coupling (IDC), which provides a two-step entry to the ergoline structure of ergot alkaloids. Expand
Enantioselective construction of vicinal all-carbon quaternary centers via catalytic double asymmetric decarboxylative allylation.
We report a catalytic stereoconvergent construction of vicinal all-carbon quaternary centers via double stereoablative enantioselective alkylation of a mixture having racemic and meso diastereomersExpand
Zn(ii) assisted synthesis of porous salen as an efficient heterogeneous scaffold for capture and conversion of CO2.
It is hypothesize that a high density of Zn-Schiff base/salen units present in the porous polymer network is responsible for the exceptionally high catalytic performance of ZN@SBMMP. Expand
A new hypercrosslinked supermicroporous polymer, with scope for sulfonation, and its catalytic potential for the efficient synthesis of biodiesel at room temperature.
Upon sulfonation HMP-1 yielded a very efficient solid acid catalyst for the production of biodiesels via esterification/transesterification of free fatty acids (FFA)/esters at room temperature. Expand