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Conjectures for analytical expressions for correlations in the dense O(1) loop model on finite by infinite square lattices are given. We have obtained these results for four types of boundary conditions. Periodic and reflecting boundary conditions have been considered before. We give many new conjectures for these two cases and review some of the existing(More)
We generalize the standard model of particle physics such it displays global scale invariance. The gravitational action is also suitably modified such that it respects this symmetry. This model is interesting since the cosmological constant term is absent in the action. We find that the scale symmetry is broken by the recently introduced cosmological(More)
We compute the cosmological constant in a scale invariant scalar field theory. The gravitational action is also suitably modified to respect scale invariance. Due to scale invariance the theory does not admit a cosmologi-cal constant term. The scale invariance is broken by a recently introduced mechanism called cosmological symmetry breaking. This leads to(More)
In the context of a simple five-dimensional (5D) model with bulk matter coupled to a brane-localized Higgs boson, we point out a non-commutativity in the 4D calculation of the mass spectrum for excited fermion towers: the obtained expression depends on the choice in ordering the limits, N → ∞ (infinite Kaluza–Klein tower) and → 0 (being the parameter(More)
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