Subhadip Mitra

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A. M. Abrahams,1,2,3 L. Rezzolla,1 M. E. Rupright,3 A. Anderson,3 P. Anninos,1 T. W. Baumgarte,1 N. T. Bishop,4 S. R. Brandt,1 J. C. Browne,5 K. Camarda,6 M. W. Choptuik,5 G. B. Cook,7 R. R. Correll,5 C. R. Evans,3 L. S. Finn,8 G. C. Fox,9 R. Gómez,10 T. Haupt,9 M. F. Huq,5 L. E. Kidder,8 S. A. Klasky,9 P. Laguna,6 W. Landry,7 L. Lehner,10 J. Lenaghan,3 R.(More)
BICEP2/Keck and Planck Collaborations: P. A. R. Ade, N. Aghanim, Z. Ahmed, R. W. Aikin, K. D. Alexander, M. Arnaud, J. Aumont, C. Baccigalupi, A. J. Banday, 9 D. Barkats, R. B. Barreiro, J. G. Bartlett, 13 N. Bartolo, 15 E. Battaner, 17 K. Benabed, 19 A. Benoit-Lévy, 18, 19 S. J. Benton, J.-P. Bernard, 9 M. Bersanelli, 23 P. Bielewicz, 9, 7 C. A. Bischoff,(More)
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Inspiraling compact binaries are promising sources of gravitational waves for ground and spacebased laser interferometric detectors. The time-dependent signature of these sources in the detectors is a well-characterized function of a relatively small number of parameters; thus, the favored analysis technique makes use of matched filtering and maximum(More)
A. M. Abrahams, L. Rezzolla, M. E. Rupright, A. Anderson, P. Anninos, T. W. Baumgarte, N. T. Bishop, S. R. Brandt, J. C. Browne, K. Camarda , M. W. Choptuik, G. B. Cook, C. R. Evans, L. S. Finn, G. Fox, R. G omez, T. Haupt, M. F. Huq, L. E. Kidder, S. Klasky, P. Laguna , W. Landry, L. Lehner, J. Lenaghan, R. L. Marsa, J. Masso, R. A. Matzner, S. Mitra, P.(More)
We present the all-sky Planck catalogue of Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) sources detected from the 29 month full-mission data. The catalogue (PSZ2) is the largest SZ-selected sample of galaxy clusters yet produced and the deepest all-sky catalogue of galaxy clusters. It contains 1653 detections, of which 1203 are confirmed clusters with identified counterparts in(More)
We compute the two photon exchange contributions to elastic scattering of polarized electrons from target protons. We use a nonlocal field theory formalism for this calculation. The formalism maintains gauge invariance and provides a systematic procedure for making this calculation. The results depend on one unknown parameter b̄. We compute the two photon(More)
We compute the cosmological constant in a scale invariant scalar field theory. The gravitational action is also suitably modified to respect scale invariance. Due to scale invariance the theory does not admit a cosmological constant term. The scale invariance is broken by a recently introduced mechanism called cosmological symmetry breaking. This leads to a(More)