Subhadeep Patra

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ITS solutions suffer from the slow pace of adoption by manufacturers despite the interest shown by both consumers and industry. Our goal is to develop ITS applications using already available technologies to make them affordable, quick to deploy, and easy to adopt. In this paper we introduce an ITS system for overtaking assistance that provides drivers with(More)
In-vehicle connectivity has experienced a big expansion in recent years. Car manufacturers have mainly proposed OBU-based solutions, but these solutions do not take full advantage of the opportunities of inter-vehicle peer-to-peer communications. In this paper we introduce GRCBox, a novel architecture that allows OEM user-devices to directly communicate(More)
Researchers pertaining to both academia and industry have shown strong interest in developing and improving the existing critical ITS solutions. In some of the existing solutions, specially the ones that aim at providing context aware services, the knowledge of relative positioning of one node by other nodes becomes crucial. In this paper we explore, apart(More)
This article presents an Android application for safety driving based on OsmAnd, an open source platform offering offline maps and navigation. Our application extends OsmAnd to achieved smart navigation features by creating a network of vehicles. These features allow informing regular vehicles about incoming emergency vehicles, which include ambulances,(More)
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