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A series of dicobalt complexes, Co2L(2+) and Co2LAc(+), where L is a N6O2 coordinating bis(phenolate) tetrakis-Schiff base ligand, have been synthesized and characterized via electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques. [Co2LAc](ClO4) crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/n, and the structure reveals a highly distorted octahedral geometry for the(More)
Single crystals of strontium undecazinc, SrZn(11), were obtained when decomposing SrZn(2) under conditions of high pressure and high temperature. The new binary Sr-Zn compound crystallizes in the space group I4(1)/amd (BaCd(11) structure type) with one Sr position (\overline{4}m2) and three Zn sites (\overline{4}m2, .2/m., 1). The structure is described in(More)
The synthesis of Mn2LAc+, Zn2LAc+, and H4L2+ is described, where L is a tetrakis-Schiff base macrocycle formed using 4-tert-butyl-2,6-diformylphenol and 2,2′-diamino-N-methyldiethylamine resulting in an N6O2 coordination environment. In Mn2LAc+ and Zn2LAc+, the two metal centers are bridged by an acetate ligand. [Mn2LAc](ClO4)·(DMF)0.5,(More)
This paper reports the design and simulation of two MEMS piezoresistive accelerometers for single axis low g (plusmn2g) automotive applications. Both the accelerometer structures consist of four beams at the top with eight embedded resistors as sensing elements to form Wheatstone bridge network and interconnected to minimize the cross axis sensitivity. FEM(More)
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