Subhadeep Chakraborty

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This communication introduces a non-intrusive method for void fraction measurement and identification of two-phase flow regimes, based on ultrasonic sensing. The underlying algorithm is built upon the recently reported theory of a statistical pattern recognition method called symbolic dynamic filtering (SDF). The results of experimental validation,(More)
This paper introduces a novel method for real-time estimation of slowly varying parameters in nonlinear dynamical systems. The core concept is built upon the principles of symbolic dynamic filtering (SDF) that has been reported in literature for anomaly detection in complex systems. In this method, relevant system outputs are measured, at different values(More)
This study presents an application of the recently reported theories of analytic signal space partitioning (ASSP) and symbolic dynamic filtering (SDF) to address degradation monitoring in permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM).An (experimentally validated)mathematicalmodel of generic PMSM is chosen to monitor degradation/fault events on a simulation(More)
In Digital Signal Processing (DSP) , there two types of filters are used to perform the filtering operations and they are the Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter and the Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter. The present output sample of an IIR filter depends on the present input samples, past input samples and past output samples, i.e IIR filter is of(More)
This paper introduces a modeling paradigm based on a language theoretic framework for stochastic simulation of decision-making in a social setting, where choices and decisions by individuals are increasingly being influenced by a person’s online social interactions. In this paper, the dynamics of opinion formation in a networked society have been studied(More)
A thermo-diffusive model has been used to investigate the interaction of non-unity Lewis number and heat loss for laminar premixed flames propagating in a channel. A coordinate system moving with the flame has been used to immobilize the flame within the computational domain. At Lewis numbers significantly below unity in presence of high heat loss, tip(More)
Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter is of recursive type filter. The present output sample of an IIR filter depends on the present input samples, past input samples and past output samples. There are a number of techniques available to determine the digital IIR Filters. This paper is based on the computer based approach to design the digital IIR filter(More)
In contrast to most conventional social interaction models, in this paper, the dynamics of repulsive interactions between the nodes of a network is investigated. Such a model may be considered to be a first-order approximation of many anticonformal social policies, such as drivers making lane-changing decisions when confronted with other cars in the same(More)
This paper extends the framework for merging sociologically inspired rational cognitive models of decision making with social media inspired feedback mechanisms. This model, with certain simplifying assumptions, is used to analyze the effects of external influence on the dynamics of opinion evolution in a fully connected society. The master equation is(More)