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Oxymatrine is one of the alkaloids extracted from Chinese herb Sophora japonica (Sophora flavescens Ait.) with activities of anti-inflammation, inhibiting immune reaction, antivirus, protecting hepatocytes and antihepatic fibrosis. However, the effect of oxymatrine on acute lung injury (ALI) has not been known yet. In this study, the effect of oxymatrine on(More)
During 1995 to 2006, 382 cases clinically suspected for Down syndrome were investigated for cytogenetic study. Free trisomy 21 constituted 84.8% of cases, translocation 8.9%, mosaic 3.9% and in 2.4% cases regular T21 was associated with structural or numerical changes. Translocation was parentally inherited in 26.5% cases and maternal transmission was twice(More)
The effect of indomethacin on bilirubin binding to human erythrocytes at different bilirubin/albumin molar ratios varying from 0.5-3.0 was studied. Progressive addition of indomethacin produced a linear increase in erythrocyte-bound bilirubin. This increase was more pronounced up to 280 microM drug concentration at all molar ratios being maximum at higher(More)
During the critical period of infancy, breastfeeding and weaning practices play an important role in determining the growth of an infant. The present study investigates the issue by observing 225 infants from Low Socio Economic (LSE) class (n = 150) and High Socio Economic (HSE) class (n = 75) for weight, height, and feeding practices. Almost all(More)