Subhabrata Moitra

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The commonest indication in the US for referral to an outpatient/home i.v. antibiotic therapy programme is the management of skin and soft tissue infections. In the UK, however, these infections account for 10% or more of admissions to infection units. The main indication for hospitalisation is to receive parenteral antibiotics. A retrospective audit of one(More)
Leukotrienes (LTs) initiate a cascade of reactions that cause bronchoconstriction and inflammation in asthma. LT-modifying drugs have been proved very effective to reduce inflammation and associated exacerbation however despite some illustrious clinical trials the usage of these drugs remains overlooked because the evidence to support their utility in(More)
Occupational exposure is an important, global cause of respiratory disease. Unlike many other non-communicable lung diseases, the proximal causes of many occupational lung diseases are well understood and they should be amenable to control with use of established and effective approaches. Therefore, the risks arising from exposure to silica and asbestos are(More)
BACKGROUND Club cell protein (CC16) is a pneumoprotein secreted by epithelial club cells. CC16 possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is a potential biomarker for airway epithelial damage. We studied the effect of inhaled allergen on pulmonary and systemic CC16 levels. METHODS Thirty-four subjects with allergic asthma underwent an inhaled allergen(More)
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