Subbu Subramaniam

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Espresso is a document-oriented distributed data serving platform that has been built to address LinkedIn's requirements for a scalable, performant, source-of-truth primary store. It provides a hierarchical document model, transactional support for modifications to related documents, real-time secondary indexing, on-the-fly schema evolution and provides a(More)
In Internet architectures, data systems are typically categorized into source-of-truth systems that serve as primary stores for the user-generated writes, and derived data stores or indexes which serve reads and other complex queries. The data in these secondary stores is often derived from the primary data through custom transformations, sometimes(More)
Internet companies like LinkedIn handle a large amount of incoming web traffic. Events generated in response to user input or actions are stored in a source database. These database events feature the typical characteristics of Big Data: high volume, high velocity and high variability. Database events are replicated to isolate source database and form a(More)
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