Subbiah Karthick

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Contemporary search engines and other automated web tools are faced with the task of extracting relevant information from huge web archives. This is supposed to be a difficult task due to the semi-structured and unstructured nature of the web documents. Users need automated ways of organizing and cataloging the web documents so that they can be queried(More)
The present study focuses the development and the evaluation of humidity sensors based on reduced graphene oxide-tin oxide (rGO-SnO₂) nanocomposites, synthesized by a simple redox reaction between GO and SnCl₂. The physico-chemical characteristics of the nanocomposites were analyzed by XRD, TEM, FTIR, and Raman spectroscopy. The formation of SnO₂ crystal(More)
To achieve high firmness ratio in video coding, a method identified as Block Matching Motion Estimation has been widely adopted in different coding standards. This method is implemented typically by comprehensively testing all the candidate blocks within the investigate window. This type of realization called Full Search (FS) Algorithm, gives the finest(More)
The proliferation of social networking sites and their rapidly growing user-base have made information sharing simpler than ever before. However, a typical social network user might get easily overloaded with information that may not be of interest to the user. Further the number of users and the links which they exhibit among their peers are very huge in a(More)
One of the biggest challenges in the current ticketing facility is “QUEUE” in buying our suburban railway tickets. In this fast growing world of technology we still stand in the queue or buy with oyster & octopus cards for our suburban tickets, which is more frustrating at times to stand in the queue or if we forget our cards. This paper(More)
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