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We consider the issue of designing a generic transport layer protocol for energy-constrained sensor networks. We present the requirements for such a transport protocol and propose sensor transmission control protocol (STCP). STCP is a generic, scalable and reliable transport layer protocol where a majority of the functionalities are implemented at the base(More)
— One of the main design issues for a sensor network is conservation of the energy available at each sensor node. We propose to deploy multiple, mobile base stations to prolong the lifetime of the sensor network. We split the lifetime of the sensor network into equal periods of time known as rounds. Base stations are relocated at the start of a round. Our(More)
Detecting properties about distributed program as an important problem in testing and debugging distributed programs. This problem is very hard due to the com-binatorial explosion of the global state space. For a given execution, we consider the problem of detecting whether a predicate @ is true at some global state of the system. First, we present a space(More)
—There is a growing trend in using mobile computing environment for several applications, and it is important that the mobile systems are provided adequate support both at the systems level and at the communication level. Causal ordering is a useful property, particularly in applications that involve human interactions. (Such applications are common in(More)
hoc networks consist of a set of mobile hosts communicating among themselves using wireless links, without the use of any other communication support facilities (e.g., base stations). They are also called mobile radio networks or multihop wireless networks. Two mobile hosts (MHs) are said to be within range and neighbors of each other if each can receive(More)
Detecting termination of a distributed computation is a fundamental problem in distributed systems. We present two optimal algorithms for detecting termination of a non-diffusing distributed computation for an arbitrary topology. Both algorithms are optimal in terms of message complexity and detection latency. The first termination detection algorithm has(More)
Intrusion detection systems alert the system administrators of intrusions but, in most cases, do not provide details about which system events are relevant to the intrusion and how the system events are related. We consider intrusions of file systems. Existing tools, like BackTracker, help the system administrator backtrack from the detection point, which(More)
The 4<sup>th</sup> Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless networks are expected to be used for the majority of Machine to Machine (M2M) communication. M2M communication over 4G networks faces some challenges. The main challenge is how to accommodate the massive number of M2M devices without negatively impacting the human subscribers' Quality of(More)