Subbarao Ghanta

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The <italic>false path</italic> problem is often referred to as the problem of detecting the longest <italic>sensitizable path</italic> (A path which is not a <italic>false path</italic> is a <italic>sensitizable path</italic>). The term &#8220;<italic>false path</italic>&#8221; is not clearly defined. In this paper, we first give a clear and precise(More)
A new, fully-distributed protocol for integrated voice/data traffic in a local-area, random-access broadcast network is described. The protocol introduces a movable voice-data boundary to framed TDMA/CSMA and eliminates the requirement of system-wide synchronized clocks. The movable boundary is a major advantage in any system where fluctuations in voice and(More)
Due to the rapid progress in semiconductor technology, the number of gates that can be placed in a chip increases dramatically. Existing algorithms for timing analysis have difficulties when dealing with large designs. A new algorithm for timing analysis is proposed in this paper. This algorithm enumerates all the paths with delay greater than a given(More)