Subash Chandran

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Surplus male proboscis monkeys at the Singapore Zoo pose a considerable problem for maintenance and maximizing of exhibition potential. In 2008, a new exhibit was constructed to house and display a group of six proboscis monkey males born in Singapore Zoo. To document and monitor the all-male group establishment in the new exhibit, we conducted observations(More)
4 .8 -5 .8 (3H, m); [or] 24 -61 .2 ° (c0.85, hexane)]. As determined by chiral GC (Fig. 4), the optical purity of the pheromone was 98.4 070, corresponding to an enantiomeric excess of 97 07o. The amount of material collected on the aeration apparatus (which gave a recovery ratio of 87 °7o for methyl myristate as a standard at the 100 ng level in 4 h) from(More)
Ropalidia marginata is a primitively eusocial polistine wasp in which, although there is only one queen at any given time, frequent queen replacements lead to a system of serial polygyny. One of the most striking features of this system, is the enormous variation in the success of different queens. Measuring queen success as queen tenure, total number of(More)
The movies like the “Avathar” are a good example of the stunning visual effects that the animation could bring into a movie. The 3D wireframe models are converted to 3D photorealistic images using a process called the rendering. This rendering process is offered as a service in the cloud, where the animation files to be rendered are split into frames and(More)
Objective: The objective of present study deals with an attempt to formulate Glimepiride in liposomal drug delivery system, in order to maintain steady state plasma concentration; hence it has to be administered frequently to the patients, because of its short plasma half life. To maintain steady plasma concentration for longer period of time formulation of(More)
The grey slender loris Loris lydekkerianus, one of only two nocturnal primates of India, is found in the southern part of the country. Our understanding of its geographical distribution is largely based on historical records and short surveys, and little is known of its occurrence in southern India today. We sought to establish the relative abundance of(More)
The impact of freshwater discharges from upstream hydroelectric projects on estuarine ecology, particularly on commercial bivalves was seldom ever studied, despite the fact that they contribute substantially to local livelihoods. Such projects have been executed in many rivers of Indian Western Ghats unmindful of their ecological consequences. Through a(More)
Landscapes consist of heterogeneous interacting dynamic elements with complex ecological, economic and cultural attributes. These complex interactions help in the sustenance of natural resources through bio-geochemical and hydrological cycling. The ecosystem functions are altered with changes in the landscape structure. Fragmentation of large contiguous(More)
  • K. K. Omprakash, Subash Chandran, V. Velpandian, Pothu Maruthuvam, Sivaraj Siddha
  • 2013
Since ancient times, herbal drugs are used in traditional system of medicine such as Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani. The allopathic system of medicine adopted many medicinal plants to derive newer molecules for challenging diseases. The plant Indigofera aspalathoides which is well known as ‘Sivanar vembu’ is widely used for skin diseases. Phytochemical and(More)
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