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A 50% enhancement in the conversion efficiency (4.9-7.37%) is realized in dye-sensitized solar cells using hydrothermally synthesized TiO(2)-multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) nanocomposites as compared to hydrothermally synthesized TiO(2) without MWCNT and Degussa P25. Several characterizations have been employed to reveal the nature of the modification(More)
An Fe-metal complex with 2'-hydroxy chalcone (2'-HC) ligands [Fe(III) (2'-hydroxy chalcone)(3)] is synthesized by a chemical route and is subjected to different thermal treatments. Upon thermolysis in air at 450 °C for 3 h the complex yields maghemite (γ-Fe(2)O(3)) nanorods with a thin hematite (α-Fe(2)O(3)) shell. X-Ray diffraction (XRD), Mössbauer(More)
Groundwater is a major source of drinking water in urban areas. Because of the growing threat of debasing water quality due to urbanization and development, monitoring water quality is a prerequisite to ensure its suitability for use in drinking. But analysis of a large number of properties and parameter to parameter basis evaluation of water quality is not(More)
Emission of CO2 from different sources has increased the effect of green house gases and global warming. Fixation of CO2 from atmosphere in the form of solid carbonates appears to be an option for reduction of CO2 concentration. Mineral carbonation is a process of chemical reaction in which minerals or its residues consisting of lime and magnesia become a(More)
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