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The impact of heart failure and its treatment on specific nutrient requirements is unknown. Furthermore, depletion of water-soluble B vitamins that play key roles in the production of cellular energy in patients with heart failure can contribute to depletion of energy reserves observed in the failing heart. A cross-sectional study recently reported that(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite evidence-based guidelines for venous thromboembolism prevention, substantial variability is found in practice. Many economic evaluations of new drugs for thromboembolism prevention do not occur prospectively with efficacy studies and are sponsored by the manufacturers, raising the possibility of bias. We performed a systematic review of(More)
Patients who survive critical illness are at risk of permanent physical and functional deficits which decrease the health-related quality of life. The reasons for physical morbidity include the nature of and treatment for the inciting critical illness, new decrements in organ function and worsening of pre-existing organ dysfunction, and prolonged physical(More)
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