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e˜str—™t We describe the Tango, a new passive haptic interface for whole-hand interaction with 3D objects. The Tango is shaped like a ball and can be grasped comfortably in one hand. Its pressure sensitive skin measures the contact pressures exerted by the user's hand, and accelerometers within the device measure its motion and attitude. This information(More)
Enacting and capturing real motion for all potential scenarios is prohibitively expensive; hence, there is a great demand to synthetically generate realistic human motion. However, it is a central challenge in character animation to synthetically generate a large sequence of smooth human motion. We present a novel, database-centric solution to address this(More)
We demonstrate the Scarlet Knight Interactive Persona, a life-sized animated human avatar which interacts with users using stereo vision. Interaction includes mimicry (where the Knight moves around his domain to reflect the user's position in the world), and game play (in which the user's movement is construed as mark placement in a game of tic-tac-toe).
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