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In this paper we propose a robust and fully automated lumbar herniation diagnosis system based on clinical MRI data which will not only aid a radiologist to make a decision with increased confidence, but will also reduce the time needed to analyze each case. Our method is based on three steps : 1) We automatically label the five lumbar interverte-bral discs(More)
Lower back pain is widely prevalent in the world today, and the situation is aggravated due to a shortage of radiologists. Intervertebral disc disorders like desiccation, degeneration and herniation are some of the major causes of lower back pain. In this paper, we propose a robust computer-aided herniation diagnosis system for lumbar MRI by first(More)
Gesture sequences typically have a common set of distinct internal sub-structures which can be shared across the gestures. In this paper, we propose a method using a generative model to learn these common actions which we refer to as sub-gestures, and in-turn perform recognition. Our proposed model learns sub-gestures by sharing parameters between gesture(More)
PURPOSE Lower back pain affects 80-90 % of all people at some point during their life time, and it is considered as the second most neurological ailment after headache. It is caused by defects in the discs, vertebrae, or the soft tissues. Radiologists perform diagnosis mainly from X-ray radiographs, MRI, or CT depending on the target organ. Vertebra(More)
Lower back pain (LBP) is widely prevalent in people all over the world and negatively affects the quality of life due to chronic pain and change in posture. Automatic localization of intervertebral discs from lumbar MRI is the first step towards computer-aided diagnosis of lower back ailments. Till date, most of the research has been useful in determining a(More)
Re-visitation or re-finding information in a website is a very frequent activity in web browsing. When a user re-visits a website especially after a long time, she encounters some problems among which being oblivious about the information structure of the site is very prominent. Another problem is that in a website, users have no way to organize the(More)
Lower back pain (LBP) is widely prevalent all over the world and more than 80% of the people suffer from LBP at some point of their lives. Moreover, a shortage of radiologists is the most pressing cause for the need of CAD (computer-aided diagnosis) systems. Automatic localization and labeling of intervertebral discs from lumbar MRI is the first step(More)
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