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Data hiding is a method of concealing secret data into a cover media and preventing a spectator from being aware of the existence of the hidden message. According to the problems of steganography, the main effort is to provide a better imperceptibility of stego-image that can be done by decreasing distortion of image. One of the popular techniques in data(More)
The Internet as a whole does not use secure links, thus information in transit may be vulnerable to interception as well. The important of reducing a chance of the information being detected during the transmission is being an issue now days. Some solution to be discussed is how to passing information in a manner that the very existence of the message is(More)
With a rapid growth in computer networks, many people can access the network through the Internet and therefore an electronic voting can be a viable alternative for conducting an election. Electronic voting system must attempt to achieve at least the same level of security as ordinary elections. We have developed an electronic voting system, E-Voting for a(More)
Currently, it is noticed that users tend to choose shorter password as their authentication which can be easily attacked. Biometric technologies such as fingerprint scanning, voice authentication, face recognition, signature, hand geometry and iris recognition is now playing an important role especially in application related to security issue. In this(More)
One of the most severe threats to revenue and quality of service in telecom providers is fraud. The advent of new technologies has provided fraudsters new techniques to commit fraud. SIM box fraud is one of such fraud that has emerged with the use of VOIP technologies. In this work, a total of nine features found to be useful in identifying SIM box fraud(More)
A real-life requirement motivated this case study of secure covert communication. Steganography is a technique used to transfer hidden information in an imperceptible manner. We proposed a novel approach of substitution technique of image steganography. The proposed method is completely flexible on size of secret message bits and allows us to embed a large(More)
Pin number or password that is used for authentication can be easily attacked. This limitation triggered the utilization of biometric for secured transactions. Biometric is unique to each individual and is reliable. Among the types of biometric being used currently, iris is the most accurate and it remains stable throughout a person’s life. However(More)