Subariah Bt Ibrahim

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The iris localization is a very important step for iris-recognition. In this step concentric circular outer boundaries of the iris and the pupil in eye’s image identify. We enhanced Daugman method to locate the iris by using an Average Square Shrinking Approach. The algorithm is tested using iris images from CASIA database and MMU database. The(More)
In today's digital era, because of the advent of image editing and processing tools it is conceivable to alter digital images very easily without leaving any obvious tampering traces. Thus, image forgery has become very easy and authenticity of digital images has been severely threatened, resulting in a need for reliable and robust image forensic(More)
In a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite mobile multimedia system, the multiple access scheme should be capable of supporting the necessary features that would facilitate the provision of multimedia services. Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) is an attractive multiple access scheme for mobile multimedia communications based on LEO satellites. In(More)
—This paper proposed a high payload image steganography method based on modulus parts of Kekre's Advanced Multiple LSB Algorithm (KAMLA) and Lorenz chaotic map. In the proposed method a 256 by 256 color image is embedded in a 512 by 512 cover image with acceptable imperceptibility. Experimental results showed that proposed algorithm sustains a higher(More)
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