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Neuro-fuzzy inference systems have been used in many areas in civil engineering applications. This study was conducted to estimate low strain dynamic properties of composite media from easily measurable physical properties using the adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). The inference system was employed to predict the shear modulus and the damping(More)
The importance of the shape of aggregate particles on their mechanical behavior is well recognized. In asphalt concrete, the shape of aggregate particles affects the durability, workability, shear resistance, tensile strength, stiffness, fatigue response, and optimum binder content of the mixture. Due to their irregularity, the shape of aggregates is not(More)
This paper evaluates the use of waste products such as silica fume and fly ash in modification of the granular soils in order to remove some environmental problems and create new useful findings in the field of engineering. It is known that silica fume and fly ash, as well as clay material, are used in geotechnical engineering because of their pozzolanic(More)
Grain-size distribution that is one of the base properties of soils and soil classification systems gives idea about engineering properties of soils. Determination of grain-size distribution derived from mechanical method (sieving) is time consuming and difficult. Hence, the image analysis methods for determination of grain-size distribution have been also(More)
The importance of the shape of aggregate particles is well recognized due to their mechanical behavior. Durability, workability, shear resistance, tensile strength, stiffness, and fatigue response of concrete and asphalt concrete is heavily depend on the shape of aggregate particles. In recent years, image analysis is widely used to analyze the particle(More)
It is well known that swelling of expansive soils can cause considerable problems to lightweight civil engineering structures. To control this problem many additives such as cement, lime, fly ash, and silica fume are used for stabilizing of the expansive soils. In literature, there are a large number of studies on the geotechnical properties (swelling,(More)
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