Suad Kasapovic

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This paper presents the importance of application and integration of learning styles in adaptive educational hypermedia systems - AEHS. The main goal of the paper is a comparative analysis of the data obtained from the initial questionnaire based on Felder-Silverman learning style model and the data from the user model and domain model of our AEHS system(More)
In the last years measuring functional size of software applications became one of the most popular methods when there is need for creating models for effort, costs and budget estimation in software development. Functional Size Measurement (FSM) methods quantify the software from its user's perspective, disregarding quality and technical criteria. In(More)
Although wireless sensor networks (WSN) are mainly designed for gathering information and measuring environmental parameters, they can be effectively used to control and manage the electrical devices in the house. Thus, they become part of an intelligent and autonomous environments that can take part of the obligation of the tenant in the house. By(More)
Driving simulators are used to analyze and validate the driver's behavior. These simulators are an essential tool in the research of human factor related to car driving. Advantages of using a driving simulator are safety (there are no traffic accidents during driving) and simple collecting of data related to the driver's behavior. The goal of this paper is(More)
Intelligent Transportation Systems rely on understanding, predicting and affecting the interactions between vehicles. The goal of this paper is to choose a small subset from the larger set so that the resulting regression model is simple, yet have good predictive ability for Vehicle agent speed relative to Vehicle intruder. The method of ANFIS (adaptive(More)
In this article are presented the different ways of virtualization computing resources and advantages and disadvantages of using the virtualization technology. Different designs of the demilitarized zone that can be applied by using the VMware ESX hypervisor are being explained. Different ways to ensure high availability for IT services, using VMware ESX(More)
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