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This paper presents a bacterial foraging algorithm (BFA) for null steering of linear antenna arrays by controlling only the element amplitudes. The BFA is a new evolutionary computing technique based on the foraging behavior of Escherichia (E.) coli bacteria in human intestine. To show the accuracy and flexibility of the proposed BFA, several examples of(More)
A method based on plant growth simulation algorithm (PGSA) is presented for pattern nulling by controlling only the element amplitudes of linear antenna array. The PGSA is a new and highly efficient random search algorithm inspired by the growth process of plant phototropism. Simulation results for Chebyshev patterns with the imposed single, multiple and(More)
  • Suad Basbug
  • 2017 International Applied Computational…
  • 2017
In this paper, a general model is proposed for the systems that optimize the linear antenna array parameters to synthesize a desired pattern by using metaheuristic algorithms. The model consists of a masking mechanism for the pattern shaping and a modular system for the whole optimization structure. To validate the skills of the proposed model, an antenna(More)
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