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- Social bookmarking is a recent phenomenon which has the potential to give us a great deal of data about pages on the web. In this paper, we present an improved framework to web content classification based on Folksonomy. Since Folksonomy is keyword-based, it is associated with semantic problems. Various academicians have constructed ontologies to solve(More)
There were many researches about applying various data mining or text mining tools to patent analysis, and there were many scholars and experts have verified the accuracy and the feasibility of those tools. However, since mining tools always tried to analyze the content using some mathematic methodology, such as linguistic algorithms, they neglect the fact(More)
Previous research studies, which were performed under different task environments, identified a variety of factors that can affect student satisfaction with e-learning courses. Lifelong e-learning courses can be different from typical e-learning courses because they are designed to provide "lifelong, voluntary, and self-motivated" pursuit of knowledge for(More)
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