Su-xia Yang

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ACTH independent macronodular adrenal hyperplasia (AIMAH) is a rare disorder characterized by bilateral macronodular hyperplasia of the adrenal glands and increased cortisol production with subclinical or overt Cushing’s syndrome. Although the family clustering of AIMAH is infrequent, we have tried our best to find such a familial affected pedigree with(More)
OBJECTIVES To increase awareness of the anatomical variation of the posterior lumbar tributaries of the left renal vein in retroperitoneoscopic left living donor nephrectomy. METHODS A total of 61 cases of retroperitoneoscopic left living donor nephrectomy were carried out from March 2008 to June 2010. The anatomical variations of the posterior lumbar(More)
OBJECTIVE To review a single-institution experience with retroperitoneal laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy (RLDN). METHODS Fifty-eight donors underwent RLDN at our institution (including 32 male and 26 female donors aged 20-61 years, mean 42 years). Left nephrectomy was performed in 56 cases. The first 35 patients underwent total RLDN, and the latter(More)
The aim of this study was to compare cell proliferation and function of the T cells acquired under various culture conditions for establishing a simple, safe and efficient cell expansion protocol in vitro. The peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMNC) were isolated and stimulated with autologous dendritic cells (DC) and EBV-transformed B lymphoblastoid(More)
This study was aimed to investigate the distribution feature of HLA-DR/DQ gene linkage disequilibrium in Chinese Han population and to improve the accuracy of HLA matching results. Genotyping of HLA-DR and HLA-DQ gene locus was performed using PCR-SSP typing in Chinese Han population receiving kidney transplantation. The results showed that there were 29(More)
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