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Plants from Asteraceae family are widely used as herbal medicines and food ingredients, especially in Asian area. Therefore, authentication and quality control of these different Asteraceae plants are important for ensuring consumers' safety and efficacy. In recent decades, electronic nose (E-nose) has been studied as an alternative approach. In this paper,(More)
Multi-component traditional Chinese medicines are an innovative research mode for traditional Chinese medicines. Currently, there are many design methods for developing multi-component traditional Chinese medicines, but their common feature is the lack of effective connection of the traditional Chinese medicine theory. In this paper, the authors discussed(More)
Identification of Chinese herbal medicines (CHMs) by human experience is often inaccurate because individual ability and external factors may influence the outcome. However, it might be promising to employ an electronic nose (E-nose) to identify them. This paper presents a rapid and reliable method for identification of ten different species of CHMs from(More)
Based on databases for herbal properties of formulas and foods recorded in "Treatise on Febrile Diseases", a case study was conducted for the food matching method according to herbal properties of formulas in "Treatise on Febrile Diseases". The result show that the method was technically feasible once the herbal properties of foods were determined.(More)
To propose a formula method of medicated diet based on medicinal property combination patterns in this paper under the context of lack of innovation in medicated diets. By analyzing the property combination patterns of traditional Chinese medicine and commonly used foods recorded in the pharmacopoeia, medicated diet formulae were optimized by using the(More)
The combination of medicinal properties refers to expression forms of elements with active properties combined according to a specific sequence. The mode of medicinal property combination refers to the compatible relationship multiple medicinal property combinations. In this paper, based on the mode, safflower, Taohong Siwu decoction, Xuefu Zhuyu decoction(More)
Currently, the herbal prescription therapy for corresponding constitutional diseases is a common constitution regulating method. This method has an obvious effect in treating and regulating constitution-related diseases. However, for people who do not have disease, they prefer to regulate constitution with dietary therapy. In this paper, the researchers(More)
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