Su-juan Zhang

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A study to explore the optimal experimental parameters and the photosensitization of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA)-based photodynamic therapy (PDT) in promyelocytic leukemia cell HL60 has been conducted, in which HL60 cells and their control groups, peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC), first are incubated with different concentrations of ALA in dark for(More)
We selected useful antibody fragments against rabies virus from a human single chain variable fragment (scFv) gene library using ribosome display technique. The recombinant rabies virus glycoprotein (RVGp) was used as an antigen to isolate specific scFvs. After five rounds of selection, the analysis demonstrated that scFv-ribosome-mRNA complexes were(More)
A study on energy transfer among chlorophylls (Chls) in the trimeric unit of the major light-harvesting complex II (LHC II) from Bryopsis corriculan, was carried out using time-correlated single photon counting. In the chlorophyll Q region of LHC II, six molecules characterized as Chlb628, Chlb646, Chlb652(654,657), Chla664(666), Chla674(677,680) and(More)
This study is (1) to improve the stabilization of human scFv to rabies virus; (2) to prepare active human dsFv fragment; and (3) to evaluate the biological activities of dsFv. The dsFv V(H) and VL were separately expressed in PET22b(+)/BL21 (DE3), solublized and combined in appropriate molar ratio in refolding solution. The resultant dsFv fragments were(More)
AIM To prepare distinct human McAbs to TNF-alpha with high neutralizing potency using ribosome display technology. METHODS The immunoglobulin heavy and light chain variable (VH, VL) genes were prepared from the peripheral blood lymphocytes in three arthritis patients by PCR. The genes encoding VH/K fragments were prepared by randomly combining VH and VL(More)
At the present time, many cancer patients combine some forms of complementary and alternative medicine therapies with their conventional therapies. The most common choice of these therapies is the use of antioxidants. Formononetin is presented in different foods. It has a variety of biological activities including antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. On(More)
The soyabean isoflavones genistein (GEN) and daidzein (DA) are popular presented in diet. Isoflavones have a variety of biological activities including antioxidant and anticancer properties. On account of its antioxidant activity, isoflavones might protect cancer cells from free radical damage in photodynamic (PDT) during which reactive oxygen species (ROS)(More)
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