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1 ABSTRACT The SEBS algorithm [1] is an extension of the SEBI concept with a dynamic model for thermal roughness [2], the Bulk Atmospheric Similarity (BAS) theory [3] for PBL scaling and the Monin-Obukhov Atmospheric Surface Layer (ASL) similarity for surface layer scaling. SEBS can be used for local and regional scaling under all atmospheric stability(More)
What are the implications of these findings for the understanding of immune responses to respiratory viral infections in human disease? We know that, in the airways of infants with respiratory syn-cytial virus bronchiolitis, there is massive production of proinflammatory cyto-kines 8 9 and chemokines 10 11 and recruitment of inflammatory cells. 12 It is(More)
In this paper, surface energy balance system (SEBS) was extended into a regional daily evapotranspiration (ET) estimation model based on remote sensing data, and the extended SEBS was applied to estimate the regional daily ET of Huanghe-Huaihe-Haihe rivers region in Northern China Plain by using MODIS/TERRA data. An analysis was made on the estimated daily(More)
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