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A continuum mechanics theory is established for the in-surface buckling of one-dimensional nanomaterials on compliant substrates, such as silicon nanowires on elastomeric substrates observed in experiments. Simple analytical expressions are obtained for the buckling wavelength, amplitude and critical buckling strain in terms of the bending and tension(More)
Photocatalytic reduction of water using Pt-C 3 N 4 and NaTaO 3 ÁLa photocatalysts. Novel fluidised photoreactor for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water. Reactor parameters eliminated mass transfer limitations to increase photocatalytic activity. Water reduction achieved under both UV and direct solar irradiation. First use of solar telescope for(More)
Recommended by Russell Howe Diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy (DRIFTS) was used to study illuminated TiO 2 surfaces under both vacuum conditions, and in the presence of organic molecules (decane and methanol). In the presence of hole scavengers, electrons are trapped at Ti(III)–OH sites, and free electrons are generated. These free(More)
A procedure for the preparation of semiconductor anodes using mixed-metal oxides bound together and protected with a TiO 2 nanoglue has been developed and tested in terms of the relative efficiencies of the oxygen evolution (OER), the reactive chlorine species evolution (RCS), and the hydrogen evolution (HER) reactions. The composition of the first anode is(More)
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