Su-Yong Lee

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We study the sensitivity of phase estimation using a generic class of path-symmetric entangled states |φ〉|0〉 + |0〉|φ〉, where an arbitrary state |φ〉 occupies one of two modes in quantum superposition. With this generalization, we identify the fundamental limit of phase estimation under energy constraint that is characterized by the photon statistics of the(More)
While the objective of conventional quantum key distribution (QKD) is to secretly generate and share the classical bits concealed in the form of maximally mixed quantum states, that of private quantum channel (PQC) is to secretly transmit individual quantum states concealed in the form of maximally mixed states using shared one-time pad and it is called(More)
1 We examine nonclassical properties of the field states generated by applying the photon annihilation-then-creation operation (AC) and creation-then-annihilation operation (CA) to the thermal and coherent states. Effects of repeated applications of AC and of CA are also studied. We also discuss experimental schemes to realize AC and CA with a cavity system(More)
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