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Many different teaching methods are used to support learning in higher education. Research into the relationship between the knowledge traditions of fields of study and their most appropriate teaching methods identifies clear differences between the appropriate which are the most suitable in different disciplines. Increasingly, blended approaches to(More)
Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a recent introduction to the palette of educational offerings yet in a short time they have become the subject of massive interest and hype. There are those that predict that these free courses are the first ripple in the coming wave of disruption that the web and on-line education will cause to traditional(More)
Crucial to effective collaborative writing is knowledge of what other people are doing and have done, what meaningful changes are made to a document, who is editing each section of a document and why. This is because awareness of individual and group activities is critical to successful collaboration. This paper presents the problems that surround(More)
This participative discussion will focus on the methodologies to be used for the production of a large-scale data bank of questions for use in all forms of assessment in higher education. This paper outlines some of the social and technical issues that the discussion will consider. It covers both the problems of building such a resource, and the rationale(More)
This paper discusses how to ensure that students attain professional values important to the workplace by integrating them into computing curricula. It describes a survey of the attitudes of students, faculty and professionals in computing towards the teaching and assessment of such values. The results show that these groups share a set of professional(More)
Within the current educational landscape, Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have stimulated extensive interest and hype in a short time. It has been asserted that these open courses are no more than a prelude to the disruption that traditional Higher Education Institutions will experience from the growth of on-line education. Meanwhile, institutions are(More)
A series of serotonergic agents were assessed for their ability to antagonize isolation-induced aggression and their activity to disrupt performance in the rotorod motor coordination test. All compounds with 5-HT1A activity [buspirone, gepirone, ipsapirone, tandospirone (SM-3997), 8-OH-DPAT, Wy-48,723, BMY-7378, Wy-47,846] reduced aggression at doses below(More)