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It seems self-evident that life for teachers would be simplified if there existed a large corpus of relevant resources that was available for them to reuse and for inquisitive students to download. The learning object community has worked for the past decade and more to provide the necessary infrastructure, standards, and specifications to facilitate such(More)
Traditional teaching methods have acknowledged limitations. Lectures may be used to transmit information efficiently, but often fail to motivate students to engage with the subject. Coursework assessments and examinations may lack authenticity and thus fail to help students develop 'real world' skills even though they ensure technical competence.This paper(More)
Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a recent introduction to the palette of educational offerings yet in a short time they have become the subject of massive interest and hype. There are those that predict that these free courses are the first ripple in the coming wave of disruption that the web and on-line education will cause to traditional(More)
Crucial to effective collaborative writing is knowledge of what other people are doing and have done, what meaningful changes are made to a document, who is editing each section of a document and why. This is because awareness of individual and group activities is critical to successful collaboration. This paper presents the problems that surround(More)
This paper discusses how to ensure that students attain professional values important to the workplace by integrating them into computing curricula. It describes a survey of the attitudes of students, faculty and professionals in computing towards the teaching and assessment of such values. The results show that these groups share a set of professional(More)
High attrition rates are one of the biggest concerns in MOOCs. One of the possible causes may be learners’ lack of interactions and low levels of participations in MOOCs online discussions. Research to measure and predict recurrent interactions of learners in MOOCs online discussions has the potential to gain inside into the likely impact on the attrition(More)